Assistance in selling cars

I received this email. If anyone is interested, please contact Mohammed directly.

Coz of the market being so quiet with regards to vehicle sales, can u please help me in selling cars. I don’t mind paying u a commission of anything between R375.00 – R 1 000.00 per vehicle sold to your referal.

Why not make it a sideline business for yourself? Keep your permanent job & earn extra income on the sideline. Its not easy, but worth the try.

Please let me know if you are interested. If you are interested then I add you to my emailing list & will email you photo’s of cars that i have on special & u can market these vehicles.


Mohammed Bux (Mohammed(at)

083 226 3876 / 032 551 9700 (W) / 086 500 9147 (FAX)

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